Did you miss Smut2K when it closed down? So did Zender and Orange Tabby Cat, which is how XFMS came to be. Their new archive was not a replica of Smut2K, but rather inspired by it. This current resurrection is also not a recreation. The style of the previous incarnation was simply too complex to rework easily. However, all the stories that were collected by the last two webmistresses are also included here. To hear the whole tale of how this site came to be created, read their words here.

Archived fics can be found under one of the categories below. Within those categories, stories are housed alphabetically. If you know of a fic that belongs here and isn't, check out the Submissions page for instructions on how to format and send it. There are also some stories that were on Smut2K but which couldn't be located for this archive. Take a look at the list on the Missing Stories page and let me know if you have any of them. Thank you in advance!

Do be aware that many of these stories are extremely old, so the email addies on them may not work. Also, Zender and Orange Tabby Cat did their best to get author permission to archive, but at this point, with so many fans having gone elsewhere, that attempt is no longer being made. If an author finds a story they don't want included in the archive, or that they would like to remove their name from, use the email link above and we'll discuss it.

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