The following stories were part of the original Smut 2K archive, but they've since disappeared. Some of the fics that were a part of the earlier site are also missing now, and have been added to the list below. If you have a copy of any of these stories or know where they can be located, please email with details. Thanks for your help!

- 1:15 AM by Roz Well (SK/O)

- Big Bang by Sunreyes (DRR)

- Catch Me If You Can by Mummiehelen
- Color of Wine by Sara "Vixy" Parker
- Confirmation by Caroline

- Fight For Life: Pain - Inluvwthfox (SK/O)

- Here Comes the Rain Again by Nicole van Dam
- Hot Chocolate by Fana Sculder

- Journey From Darkness/Journey to Lightness by Mummiehelen (SK/O)
- Just Call Me Skinner by Zoe K. (SK/O)

- Lover From a Faded Memr'y by Jainasolo1

- Mardi Gras Madness by KallyJ
- Metro: Line Six by Fey Eiluned
- Mulder and Scully's Full Disclosure by Robyn

- Not All About You by OIMAFool

- A Quiet Bath by J S

- Rendezvous by Mummiehelen (SKO)
- Reunion by Mummiehelen (SKO)
- Room Service by Smut List Round Robin

- Sanctuary by Jenna Sheridan
- Secrets by Sunreyes (DRR)
- Seeking the Truth by Julie Belmont
- Seventh Night by Smut List Round Robin
- Sex & Candy by FireCat, Caitlin, Sam & Fee
- Sex, Family Ties and Video tape by Bloom, PRhino, Fee, Caitlin, FireCat & Sam
- Simple by Dark Day Lady (DRR)
- Something in Common by Angela Ward

- Temptation Island by Sunreyes (DRR)
- Theory of Resistence by Marti Mulder
- Tilt and Dream by XAngel
- Touch 1-3 (already have 4-20) by Mummiehelen (SK/O)
- Twist of Fate by Sunreyes (DRR)

- Webfont by Asont
- Wet Dreams by Caroline
- When the Pawn Interlude 2: What Are You Wearing by Nialani
- When the Pawn Interlude 3: Dinner and a Movie by Nialani
- The Whole Truth by Rain Blackwell

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