1. What categories of stories are accepted?
Your story must fit into one of the following categories:
Mulder/Scully Romance
Doggett/Reyes Romance
Skinner/Other Romance

2. Does the story have to be rated NC-17?
Yes. This means there must be sex between the characters, implied or described. Sex that isn't described must be heavily implied.

3. Where do I send the story?

4. What elements must appear in the header of the story?
Your headers should read like this:
E-Mail Address:
Website address: (if applicable)
If your story is part of a series or a WIP you should list this in the tile (i.e.; 1 of 5, etc.)

5. What should I put in the header of the e-mail?
Subject line should read: XFMS Submission

6. Can I submit in any format I want?
No. You must send your story in TXT format. You may paste it into the e-mail or send it as an attachment, but it must be in plain TXT format. If the formatting is too far off, you may be asked to send a new copy.

7. Will you reject any stories?
Perhaps. If there are so many mistakes as to make the story difficult to read, the archivist reserves the right to subjectively reject a story. In that case, you will be informed by e-mail.

8. May I submit a story for someone else?
Yes, you may. If the story is already online somewhere, it's okay to share.

9. Any other questions?
E-mail xfms1013@gmail.com

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